The D'Souza Clinic

Taking a new Harley Street Hair Clinic to market and building a platform for growth

We created a lean brand to launch the clinic, using Google Ads and Digital PR to bring in customers whilst collecting consumer data through the website to understand more about our audience and help shape the brand for future growth.

On this page

A brand to build trust in a new clinic

A brand to build trust in a new clinic

We created a visual identity to position The D’Souza Clinic alongside established Harley Street Clinics and designed and built a simple lead generation website.

Mapping the patient journey

We mapped out the decision-making process people go through when facing hair loss and built our customer journey and website content around it.

We wanted to ensure we were building trust in the clinic at the early stages of a patient’s hair loss journey, rather than just at the point of surgery where they would already have formed opinions and have preferred clinics.

We concluded:

  • Younger patients will initially be more suited to non-surgical treatments, then have surgery at a later date, so offering clinical advice as hair restoration experts will give us access to a wider set of patients than a focused proposition as a hair surgeon.
  • Surgery is usually one of the last things patients consider (unless the hair loss is severe), and we want them to be aware of us as early in their journey as possible so we can build trust in the clinic through exposure
  • Brand awareness and new business campaigns will be important to drive sales, as patients are less likely to tell people about their surgery or share their results
  • Repeat business will be low. If we do our job well they won’t come back

Driving relevant traffic

We drove traffic with Google Ads and built brand awareness with the national press.

We used Google ads to drive traffic for searches indicating that people were looking for surgery, and integrated the site with HubSpot CRM so the leads to save time adding them manually, and set up the pipeline for the clinic, provided training on how to manage new leads effectively. We also set up a mailing list in MailChimp so people could sign up for updates.

Finally we ran a press campaign on launch to get national press attention, and were featured in several major consumer publications.

A successful launch

The launch campaign was a great success, firmly establishing the clinic and driving the revenue needed to execute the next phase of growth.