The D'Souza Clinic

Driving sales by building consumer trust in an unregulated medical market.

Having successfully launched the clinic, our focus was to establish a reputation as one of London’s most reputable and ethical Hair Restoration practices.

£610k+ revenue generated
91+ leads per month
Fully booked 3 months in advance

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A question of ethics

A question of ethics: Patient care over profit.

Hair transplant surgery in the UK is unregulated, which means surgeons with various levels of skill, experience and ability are able to open private clinics and practice hair surgery.

D’Souza founded the clinic because he felt patients where having a difficult time finding treatment due to the conflicts between the medical needs of the patient and the commercial aims of private clinics.

Unfortunately it is the norm for a lot of clinics to base their offering around a single surgical technique (usually FUE), which restricts treatment options. Any clinic that does this will be naturally geared up to sell that single treatment, rather than the treatment that is right for the patient.

In my experience as surgeon I often didn’t see patients until the day of surgery and was being told by a non-medic the number of grafts and surgical plan to carry out.

I find the idea that someone with no medical qualifications can diagnose the cause of your hair loss and propose a surgical plan is ridiculous.

Mr Christopher D’Souza MBBS MSc MRCS
Hair Transplant Surgeon & Medical Director

Patients just want to look normal

Patients just want their hair to look normal.

Through consumer research and discussions, we found that hair loss affects people in various ways, including their self-image, confidence, mental wellbeing and quality of life.

We also found a commercially driven industry that puts pressure on patients to make medical decisions that can lead to non-reversible surgery and affect their future in an extremely positive or negative way.

Non-surgical treatments are available, but some brands of tablets can cause erectile dysfunction and the results of treatments like laser therapy lack scientific proof.

It’s a fraught buying journey for patients. Clearly no-one wants to have surgery, or erectile dysfunction, They just want normal looking hair.

The art of natural hair restoration embodies everything The D’Souza Clinic stands for. It’s distinctly theirs and deeply rooted in the psychological needs patients suffering with hair loss.

It encompasses the skill, experience and eye for aesthetics a surgeon must have to practice hair surgery to a level where the final result looks and feels natural. 

It gets attention too. We tested it ‘by adding ‘The Art of Natural Hair Restoration’ to the site navigation and measuring how people responded. 

It was the most popular link from the homepage after prices and the second most visited page on the site. There was no context to suggest what the user would find, so the link was be clicked because the patients were interested in it.

The data helped confirm it as the lead concept of our marketing strategy and we are using it to create an online publication that covers everything consumers need to know about hair restoration and how to make better medical choices.

The results

The growth strategy delivered £720k of revenue, and the clinic is consistently booked for 3 months into the future.