Engaging with decision makers of high-value SMEs on a complex path to purchase.

Over a five year period, our website has helped Softwire treble its turnover from £5M to £15M  as part of a complex buying journey attracting £200K+ software projects.

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Simplifying the route to services.

Simplifying the route to services.

The path to purchase for high value software services is complex. The entry point can be anywhere along the project lifecycle, from having an idea to needing support, and can include one of a number of services.

We had implemented an interface to clarify the users place in the project cycle, and present them with more relevant information once clicked.

The interface was working, but we knew from analytics that it could be improved, so we reworked the overall structure to make the services more accessible.

The rework was successful:

  • The number of visits to the service section increased by 182%
  • The number of people who enter the services as opposed to explore / execute / evolve increased by 97%

Landing page creation and testing.

Landing page creation and testing.

Softwire were running client acquisition campaigns using social campaigns & Google Ads, so we creating multiple landing pages and using A/B testing and heat-maps to identify the best performing ones.

Our findings included:

Inline calls to action should be used more – Comparing the inline calls to action to forms on the page, the inline clicks had more conversions (4 to 1).

Context is more important than placement – Videos that have an overlay informing the user what they will see get more clicks than ones that don’t, even if they are under the fold.

Insights drive engagement.

Insights drive engagement.

It’s widely known that it takes 20 – 50 touches to engage a cold prospect who does not know your brand, which is a daunting figure for any B2B marketing person.

We used this as motivation to open up the insights, creating a hub for the subject matter experts to publish articles, promote events, podcasts, and other useful information.

This led to:

  • 241% increase in insight page views
  • 2 conversions per months from insights traffic (from zero perviously)

Helpdesk, Analytics, data & Go-lives.

Helpdesk, analytics, data & go-lives.

We put robust processes in place to mange data collection, analytics, and weekly go-lives (which involve multiple partners). We also run a helpdesk with an SLA.


The site successfully underpinned 5 years of growth, and is in a cycle of continuous improvement, driven by Softwire’s expansion, marketing needs, and analytics / user feedback.