A five year program of work to fuel the growth of an established software company, from £5M to £15M per annum.

As a bespoke software development house, Softwire were expanding their service offering and use the change as the platform for growth, taking the position of a digital tech consultancy.

£10M per annum growth achieved
11 work engagements completed
260+ helpdesk tickets resolved in line with SLA
150+ weekly work in progress reports

We work as part of their sales and marketing team, using our specialist expertise to support their growth objectives.

We take an annual view to plan the approach, then deliver the work in smaller focused engagements.

Our work to date includes:

  • 2 major brand evolutions successfully launched
  • 2 major website updates undertaken with significant improvements each time
  • 3 website engagement projects to improve how customers engage with services
  • Landing page design & creation / Conversion rate optimisation to support their new business campaigns
  • 3 iterations of the employer brand, which has driven 100 new hires
  • Site speed optimisation and monitoring
  • Setting up & managing analytics & conversion tracking
  • We run a help-desk with an SLA, and have responded to 260+ tickets
  • We hold weekly work in progress meetings