We created a membership platform to promote natural wine to a global audience, and doubled consumer engagement.

RAW WINE is at the forefront of the growing natural wine movement, hosting annual fairs in London, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Montreal. Our brief was to create a platform for the industry to showcase their produce on a global scale.

1,450 branded microsites
27 countries
6,000 wines
x2 consumer engagement

The platform allows producers to create branded microsites to showcase their wines to a growing number of global consumers.

The microsites can be created in minutes, consistently rank higher on Google than producers own sites and attract new customers due to the popularity of the RAW WINE community and platform.

This gives artisanal producers access to a global audience and opportunities that would take significant time and budget to achieve.

The growers can be explored on a map, giving access to over 1000 industry microsites.

We built a powerful search that allows consumers to explore natural wines from all over the world.

Every wine has to prove it’s credentials before it makes the list, so the wine database collects 35 data points across 7,000+ wines and uses an AJAX search with powerful caching so consumers can see their results in a few milliseconds.