The D'Souza Clinic

Rapid growth for a new Harley Street Hair Clinic, generating £720k+ of sales

We have worked with The D’Souza Clinic since launch, establishing a brand philosophy that puts them at the forefront of a new generation of clinics that are owned and operated by the specialists who perform the surgery.


91+ leads per month
£720k+ revenue generated
85+ hair surgeries performed

We act as the clinic’s in-house team, delivering their entire sales and marketing operation.

This allows us to set a long term growth strategy, then put the team in place to deliver it day-to-day, which is made up of our people and other specialists.

Our achievements to date:

  • Successfully delivered two stages of strategic brand development (launch & growth)
  • Generated over £720k of revenue
  • The clinic has a full order book 3 months into the future
  • Our customer acquisition campaigns generate 91+ customer enquiries per month
  • Helped the clinic adopt best practice sales & marketing processes, including implementing a CRM, pipeline management & training staff how to manage new customer leads
  • Designed and build two versions of the website, which converts at over 6% (double the industry average)
  • Published articles in the national press including The Times and The Telegraph

We are constantly building and improving the clinics internal sales and marketing operations. We could remove ourselves tomorrow and the leads would keep coming in, moving through the pipeline and turning into paying customers.