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A thought-provoking publication satirising the Crypto industry, its leaders, the regulators & celebrities.

It is our goal to, through our writings, create perspective around disingenuous and double-edged statements from leaders and influencers, especially those who wish to alter our society without permission or consultation, and we hope to encourage our readers to think critically about these people and their actions.

‘make something that gets us noticed’

Our brief was to distill the spirit of cryptocurrencies into a digital publication.

The editorial team, lead by writer Henry Naylor (Spitting image, Alas Smith & Jones, Dead Ringers, Alistair McGowan’s) set out the vision of a satirical take on the people and events that fuel the rise and fall in Crypto prices and fortunes.

As founding members of the product team our job was to deliver key development stages:

  • Create the visual identity
  • Prototype the early stage versions of the publication
  • Secured round 1 investment
  • Secure first round of investment
  • Design and build the launch ready publication
  • Prototype the first digital subscription product – The Crypto Price Tracker
  • Secure the second round of investment

The Visual Identity

The creative team challenged us to embody the punk ethos and create an identity that was unique in the financial marketplace.

The publication

The key challenge for the publication was to create a design system that embodied the punk brand, whilst keeping publishing times (and costs) to a minimum.

We take an iterative approach to new digital products & services

We wanted to capture Crypto’s spirit, so I told the team to come up with ‘something that had never been seen on the internet before’ and I believe they did that.

They were creative, intelligent, original, highly enthusiastic – and worked like Trojans. Can’t recommend them enough.

Editor & Creative Director. Planet Crypto