The D'Souza Clinic

Our mobile-first approach doubled new customer leads with the same spend.

The site was generating 31 leads per month and converting at 3.3%, which is on par with the medical industry average, but not exceptional.

Analytics was telling us that 65% of traffic was mobile, so we implemented a mobile-first approach and doubled the conversion rate.


61+ converted leads per month
6.4% website conversion rate
x2 healthcare industry conversion rate

On this page

We designed the whole site to convert.

We designed the whole site to convert.

Landing pages are good for small one-off transactions, but medical buying journeys are more complex, with patients visiting several clinic websites to undertake research and shortlist clinics they feel are good..

We created a structure that allows potential patients to enter at any stage of their hair loss journey, get a range of information so they know they are in safe hands, and book a consultation to speak to a surgeon directly.

We designed custom mobile user interface elements.

We designed custom mobile user interface elements to combat small screen fatigue.

‘On this page’ allows users to go straight to the information they need without being overwhelmed on longer pages.

‘book a call / consultation’ is on every page and takes the use straight to the phone number and booking form.

Both UI elements float over the content and act as non-intrusive helpers.

Site conversions doubled.

Site conversions doubled, resulting in twice as many enquiries for the same advertising spend.

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