CLC World

We used the uncertainty of Brexit to generate 49,000 new customer leads for Europe’s largest independent travel resort operator.

We targeted rush hour commuters in London, inviting them to share their post brexit travel plans in return for a holiday for 6 people to Florida.

49k leads in 1 month
81% conversion rate
50.6k consumer polls collected
61k Total traffic

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The Advert: We ran a prominent one day campaign in the Evening Standard to attract consumer attention.

Two creative routes were produced, “14 seconds of your time” and “Brexit to Florida”.

Brexit to Florida
14 seconds of your time

The App: Consumers were directed to a mobile app with a 2-stage data entry process that converted 81% of visitors.

This was designed to collect anonymous consumer data about travel plans if they didn’t want to enter personal details.

We anticipated a huge response, so we provided enterprise hosting that would serve 1,000 concurrent visitors to the app without breaking a sweat.

The campaign was CLC World’s best performing lead generation campaign, and was extended across social media, regional press and email.