WordPress Developer based in Edinburgh.

We work with a wide range of clients, paying a key role in their customer acquisition strategies and campaigns. You will be taking over the role as lead developer across our technical projects, delivering new websites and improving existing ones.

Your work will include:

Brand campaigns

We run campaigns that attract customers. These often have technical build elements that will require you to work closely with our design team to produce engaging, interactive content.

Conversion optimisation

We undertake continuous cycles of conversion rate optimisation to improve engagement and convert traffic into customers, this means we are often creating bespoke widgets and updating pages and templates.

Websites & digital platforms

We deliver a range of UX and tech driven projects, ranging from simple WordPress corporate sites to fully bespoke WordPress platforms.


We run a support helpdesk so day-to-day bug fixes and updates will be required, as will responding to client requests.

How we work

We work across multiple projects at the same time, so we aim to deliver larger projects in weekly sprints, as it gives us deep focus for a short time.

We have a number of key clients who we work with continually, and we are embarking on a business development push to grow the company.

When we engage with a client:

1. We take a brief and undertake a short initial engagement if needed to work out the scope of the project

2. We outline a roadmap (for long term clients) or a specification (for a one-off project)

a. We create user stories to work out the development requirements. You’ll be working closely with us at this stage to make sure we have a detailed set of requirements and realistic time estimates

3. We get sign off and book the work into sprints

4. We prototype heavily at design stage, sometimes for simple updates we create flat designs

a. You’ll be liaising with our designers during design sprints to understand how projects will be implemented and set timelines / budgets for delivery

5. Once signed off the designs and prototype are handed over to you to be built as development sprints (with support for QA / Testing)

You will be our first full time person in this new team, so you’ll be responsible for ensuring our development operation runs efficiently and effectively.

Our aim is be to bring in more developers as we grow. You will have the opportunity to be the Team Lead.

Other aspects to consider

  • Speed. Fast sites are a core principle to what we do, you’ll be expected to know how Google measure sites and the have experience coding for them
  • We are fastidious about presentation, so strong front-end integration and JavaScript / CSS skills are essential
  • Expert knowledge and experience with WordPress development, including best practices in development & coding
  • Skilled in CSS3, HTML5, PHP and JavaScript, with the ability to work accurately from visual designs and prototypes
  • Experience in UX/UI development and cross-platform responsive behaviour is essential
  • Experience developing custom WordPress plugins & themes is essential
  • Experience in GSAP would be excellent

Our working environment

We’re currently working remotely due to COVID and are in the process of relocating from London to Edinburgh. We’ll have a full-time presence in the city in June, which will be our HQ.

We are advocates of flexible working and like to treat everyone like adults. We won’t demand that you work from our office, you will need to be able to get to Edinburgh to spend time with your colleagues and meet clients.


Upto £40K + benefits.

Please get in touch at [email protected] if you are interested in the role.

No agencies please.