We configure Generative AI-powered search for for domain knowledge experts, lifting the veil on previously hidden knowledge and unlocking value from historical and current repositories of expertise.

Why generative AI search?

Enhanced search for knowledge owners.

If you govern a large body of expert knowledge such as a website, community hub, or intranet - public or behind a paywall - we can train an AI-powered 'digital expert' to converse with your specialist knowledge.

Unlike conventional site search, generative AI will give you an immediate written answer to your question with the exact references, whether they exist in an article, presentation, discussion thread, or video.


This search method is a game-changer for knowledge owners in industries where growth is fuelled by information sharing such as innovation & science.

Our Approach

Understand your audience

Use search analytics to understand what customers are interested in and create a content plan to meet their needs

Contextual answers fast

Contextual answers put information at your fingertips by providing the exact page/slide reference, video/audio timestamp

Surface hidden knowledge

Gain a deeper understanding of your knowledge, re-discover historic content, make new connections between sources

Control your data

Protect the integrity of publicy available knowledge with focused search and sources attribution

Extend life of content

Drive more value from your content with evergreen subjects rather than single pieces of content

Expand lead funnels

Increase opportunity for lead generation with search to lead funnels from old and new publicly available and gated content

Our Approach

Born from your business goals.

Our pioneering approach combines Large Language Models with Retrieval Augmented Generation and Semantic Search to produce fast and relevant search results.


In short, we'll train the AI model on your expert knowledge, wherever it exists, and configure it to guide users through a knowledge discovery journey that delivers against strategic commercial outcomes.


To get to this point, we'll take you through the following stages:


Feasibility audit

Basic model training with sample data to assess viability so you can build a business & use case


Intensive boot camp

A 3-month programme to refine your 'digital expert' & integrate it into your customer workflow


Ongoing refinement

Ongoing model refinement to ensure it continues to achieve customer & commercial outcomes

Find out more about creating your own Generative AI 'digital expert'.

Join me for our next ‘AI for Knowledge owners’ webinar

A 45 minute presentation aimed at CMOs and knowledge owners that outlines the future impact of Generative AI search on knowledge and demonstrates how to create your own digital expert. Think professor rather than AI Chat bot, with the professor having your entire organisational knowledge at it's fingertips.


This will be a small group with opportunity for a 15 minutes Q&A / discussion at the end.

Create a beta from your organisations specialist knowledge

The first step in creating your digital expert is to assess your knowledge to determine how useful your digital expert would be to your customers. 


We've found the fastest way to do this is to create a 'basic' beta and ask it questions. We can deliver that for £2,500 which is about the same price as running a content audit, and you have a working model to interrogate.

Luke Wotton

Luke Wotton

Digital Experience Director

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