Whether you need a demo to convince stakeholders that AI could benefit your organisation or you’re ready to go with a full beta, we can train a basic or full model on your expert knowledge and configure it to deliver against commercial outcomes.


Unrefined beta trained on your sample data.

We'll build a basic beta digital expert so you can assess its viability and build a business case.


An unrefined AI model is trained on a limited sample of data and has a basic user interface with no performance optimisation.


  • Knowledge gathering & select sample data
  • Prepare data
  • Model training with no performance optimisation
  • Basic user interface local to your computer

From £2,500


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Intensive boot camp

Full, optimised beta

A 3-month programme to create a full beta version of your digital expert that’s integrated into your customer workflows.


We’ll train the model on your required data and refine the answers to meet your commercial outcomes. We’ll also design and test the interface and analyse usage so we can advise on the content lifecycle.


  • Select data
  • Prepare data
  • Model training with full performance optimisation
  • Integration with customer workflows
  • Design & test user interface
  • Analyse user data & advise on content lifecycle


From £15,000


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Ongoing refinement

Ongoing refinement to tune the model

Once your beta version is complete and working as expected, continual training ensures it continues to meet requirements.


  • Analyse user data
  • Refine answers
  • Ensure new content is added to the model


From £2,000 per month


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Luke Wotton

Luke Wotton

Digital Experience Director

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