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Description: The content at the top of the design all the way down to Fun topics & serious outcomes so Title, paragraph and images with slanted background behind them

A thought-provoking publication satirising the Crypto industry, its leaders, the regulators & celebrities.

It is our goal to, through our writings, create perspective around disingenuous and double-edged statements from leaders and influencers, especially those who wish to alter our society without permission or consultation, and we hope to encourage our readers to think critically about these people and their actions.

Fun topics & serious outcomes

Our brief was to create an online publication that would appeal to institutional investors, serious amateur investors and people with an interest in the crypto markets, then leverage the traffic to launch digital products and services, starting with a Crypto price tracker & reporting tool.

The editorial team, lead by writer Henry Naylor (Spitting image, Alas Smith & Jones, Dead Ringers, Alistair McGowan’s Big Impression) set out the vision of a satirical take on the people and events that fuel the rise and fall in Crypto prices and fortunes.

Our job was to guide the team through key product development stages, building confidence into the product and meeting investors and shareholders along the way to secure funding.

  • Created the visual identity
  • Prototyped the early stage versions of the publication
  • Secured round 1 investment
  • Designed and built the 'launch ready' publication
  • Prototyped the first digital subscription product, the Crypto Price Tracker
  • Secured round 2 investment

We are currently working on ongoing product development for both the digital publication and a suite of digital subscription products..