Luke Wotton

Luke Wotton

Digital Experience Director


Join me for our next ‘Impact of generative AI for Knowledge owners’ webinar

A 45 minute presentation to discuss the impact of Generative AI search on expert knowledge owners with an explanation of how you can create your own model and use it to deliver a knowledge based customer experience that delivers on your commercial goals.

Tuesday 13th August: 11:30am - 12:30pm

Location: Online - Register for your place.

Call us on 0203 743 3027 or enter your details below and we'll get in touch.

We'll help you understand how your organisation can benefit from and consumers of your expert knowledge.

In this webinar we'll show you:

  • How Generative AI search is impacting consumer search habits
  • Why this is not Chat GPT or simple search
  • The search interface of a beta digital expert
  • The impact of Gen AI getting hold of your knowledge
  • How to assess your knowledge for suitability
  • An overview of the tech and how it works
  • How to create a model that delivers commercial outcomes
  • Why generative AI affects how you publish content
  • How to capture data to understand customer needs
  • What you need to think about once you've trained your model
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