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Discover big yacht sailing and share sustainability experiences in the Solent and the Isle of Wight.


Saturday 16th September 2023
10:30 - 17:30


Departing from Hamble-le-Rice, Southampton.


A day of sailing & sustainability discussions, powered by the wind.

We will spend the day as crew on Saga, a 54 ft Hanse 540e who won First Place in the 2015 Round Britain & Ireland Race.
10:30 – 11:00

Meet at the marina. Safety briefing and introductions.

11:00 – 13:30

Explore the solent and the north coast of the Isle of Wight

Our professional skipper will guide us through to the basic concepts of sailing a large yacht. You will be able to have as much hands-on crewing experience as you wish.

13:30 – 14:30

Depending on wind direction and tide conditions, we will either have a BBQ at Newtown Creek Anchorage or visit one of many local seaside eateries along the North coast of the Isle of Wight. All food and drink is fully catered throughout the day and we will have sustainable & plant based choices.

14:30 – 17:00

We will return to base, giving you will have the opportunity to put into practice some of the techniques we learned in the morning on the sail home.

Do I need previous sailing experience?

No experience is needed, just the desire to enjoy a day’s sailing onboard a big yacht, make connections and contribute to sustainability discussions / share your journey with the rest of the group.

We chose sailing because it’s powered by the elements, a fantastic way to see our island from a different perspective, and being ‘crew for the day’ is a perfect way to build camaraderie and make lasting connections.

The 54 foot Hanse is a big yacht with a racing pedigree, and perfect for first time sailors as the size makes it predictable and easy to sail.

Our skipper and host for the day is a commercially licensed skipper from Sailing GB.

Waterproofs are provided should the conditions require it.

Why Shared Sustainability Experiences?

Starting in September 2023 we will be running bi-monthly events, inviting a small group of senior leaders and corporate marketeers together to partake in a sustainability experience whilst having informal discussion about their own experiences and learnings about moving towards improved sustainability in the corporate world.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey, we are looking for a mix of people who bring something interesting to the group.

Why Temper Digital?

Our own journey into sustainability has highlighted the impact the internet has on global carbon consumption (one billion tonnes of greenhouse gases a year according to The Boston Consulting Group).

For us, the most useful contribution we can make is to advise corporate organisations & their marketing teams on how to build low carbon / sustainable websites & digital products and services.

Our aim is to put on events we would like to go to ourselves to create a supportive network for learning and discussion about improved sustainability.

There will never be any pitches from us or anyone from the group. the only presentation you see will be related to the shared experience we are undertaking.

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